Curriculum Vitae
1942 Born 30th April , Humpolec, Czechoslovakia

School of Art and Design in Brno, Czechoslovakia.
Amongst other subjects studied: Figurative Drawing and History of Art.
Certificate of Matriculation Exams. Level equivalents:
Czech Language, Russian Language, History of Art, Technology of Materials.


Working as an Interior Designer in a furniture shop in Pardubice, Czechoslovakia and continuing portrait painting .

1965-68 Working in the Regional Theatre in Pardubice, Czechoslovakia, being involved in stage set production and general help.
1968-69 Working in the Regional Museum in Kutna Hora, Czechoslovakia as a curator of paintings.

Emigrated to England and after a year of doing various jobs while learning English established himself as a portrait painter.


Working on commissions in Austria. Amongst his clients were:
Manfred Mautner von Markhof, people of his circle and prominent industrialists.
Painting portraits to commissions in Rome.
Staying at Ayton Castle in Scotland, painting portraits on invitation of the Liddel-Granger family.

1976 Painting in Helsinki, Finland.
1977 Painting in Hong-Kong, for a period of several months, culminating in an exhibition at a private gallery.
1979-80 Time spent partly in London and partly in the Canary Islands, working to commissions from a hotel guests and holidaymakers in Tenerife.
1983-86 Kept a studio in Ettlingen, West Germany

Working, as part of a team, on two wall painting conservation projects:
Queen Charlotte’s Cottage, Kew Gardens, London and Lacock Abbey near Chippenham

1988 Exhibition in Memmingen, West Germany. Amongst other paintings, exhibited a portrait of the Mayor of Memmingen.
1988-09 Working and exhibiting in London. Specialising in portraits in oil and pastel created in the traditional way, from sitting and also from photographs.